Finding a Nurse Practitioner community without spam accounts, trolls, or someone trying to sell you their secrets on how they passed their board exam is rare.

So we did something about it!

This space was created with you in mind — your safety, well-being, and learning. We’ve included Free resources to aid you no matter where you’re at in your NP career. 

So without further ado… pick your tribe, and let’s get to networking!

  • Recent Graduates

    Are you a recent graduate? Whether you’re searching for advice on your next step or looking to connect with other NPs — join our community and find the support you deserve.

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  • Currently Practicing NPs

    Whether you’ve been an NP for 10 years or 10 months, you deserve unwavering support and a safe place to blow off steam — join us and find the community you deserve.

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  • Study Group

    Looking for other study community options? This group works hard to get every member to pass — we celebrate our victories together, offer career advancement tips, and strategize plans of attack for those struggling. No nurse left behind!

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  • General Group

    Network, get Exam advice, find daily study questions, and SO much more. This group of dedicated nursing professionals is growing every day — don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your NP career!

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