On-Demand Nursing Education

Latrina Walden Exam Solutions has helped thousands of aspiring NPs pass their NP Board Exams, including students from several top universities including Walden University, John Hopkins University, Auburn University, University of Phoenix, and many more.


We are an accredited company that gives your graduates CEUs, as well as comprehensive reviews that enhance a student's ability to absorb and retain industry teachings.

Ultimate Max Bundle: 70 CEUs
AGNP Max Bundle: 70 CEUs
Bronze Max Bundle: 45 CEUs
Live Review Webinar: 16 CEUs

Here’s a look at some of our success rates over the last few years: 

  • 98%

    Board exam pass rate using Latrina Walden’s Live Clinical Reviews

  • 97%

    Board exam pass rate using our on-demand course reviews and study materials

  • 10,000+

    Enrollments in our course reviews with continuing support from current and past students

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Meet Latrina

Latrina Walden is the founder and CEO of Latrina Walden Exam Solutions, a 7-figure education company with the primary focus of helping Nurse Practitioners pass their board exams. Prestigious test-prep materials offered to all students encompass AANP, ANCC, and AGNP, followed by matching CEU credits. 

Long before Latrina was an NP, she was Professor Walden, teaching at universities across the nation. Her passion for education, combined with years of experience inspired a company dedicated to helping students transition from RNs to NPs, one exam at a time.

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