Innovators, Like TESLA

Innovators, Like TESLA

Happy New Year! We’re cutting the small talk this year and jumping straight to it. Outside of nursing products and test prep, your favorite Professor Walden and Latrina Walden Exam Solutions have become two unique entities of their own, and on this blog, we’re going to explain what that means for us, for you, and the overall industry. Let’s get into it!

A Little Back Story

We are TESLA. And before you get confused, we’re not the part of TESLA that plays in dirty business tactics, but rather the part that focuses on continuous high-scale innovation worldwide. Like TESLA, we’re the team that sits in meetings with high clearance government officials and entities to provide resources for change. We at LWES are the agents and changemakers the nursing industry has been waiting for, and we’re here to dominate.  

To put it simply, 2022 will be explosive. This year our team is going to continue to innovate and introduce new and improved resources the nursing industry has never seen before. We’re talking product enhancements, new course drops, and insights on industry-related news, all with continued support from Professor Walden, who will continue branching out of her comfort zone to be the agent of change this industry needs.  

Like TESLA, many will follow in the footsteps of our company, being just as successful and fruitful in their business. But, we at LWES do not just stop at being a one-stop-shop for nurse practitioners, students, and universities. As agents of change, we’re more than just a social media voice, or online blog presence. We’re sitting at the table with large hospitals and clinics across the nation, sparking conversation of how we can effectively bring change to the nursing industry.

There’s a movement that’s pulsating like an undercurrent through the healthcare industry, our universities, and (let’s be honest) the rest of society. No longer are professionals settling for the way things have worked in the past, and for institutions that are unwilling to stay malleable to the change this undercurrent brings - they are seeing first hand the expensive and devastating results of this Nurse Mass Exodus.

This movement has the opportunity to transition us into a space in which the patient, professional, and organization will all be respected. This movement is what Professor Walden foresaw when she launched Latrina Walden Exam Solutions. If you recall her phrase “flipping the industry on its head”, this is exactly what she foresaw.

So as we’ve mentioned before. We are TESLA. Innovators for a better workplace, better patient care, and a better nursing industry.

As we blast off into the stratosphere this year, we’re excited to have you on this ride with us. Enjoy this timeline as we remember not only where we came from and how much our community has grown throughout the past 3 years, but how much we’ve accomplished together in such a short time period. To a wonderful, prosperous year - cheers!

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