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On-Demand Course

Study at your own speed and on your own time

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  • Flexibility: Study at your own pace and according to your own schedule, making it easy to balance your coursework with personal and professional commitments.
  • Convenience: Take the course from anywhere, whether at home or on the go, without the need to adhere to a fixed class schedule.
  • Earn CEUs: Gain valuable Continuing Education Units (CEUs) while preparing for your NP board exams, fulfilling your professional development requirements.
  • Comprehensive Content: Access an in-depth study plan that covers all essential topics, ensuring thorough preparation for the AANP, ANCC, and AGNP exams.
  • Expert-Led Lessons: Learn from experienced, practicing nurse practitioners who provide detailed, real-world insights through recorded lectures and materials.

The Academy

A 6-week program guided by Professor Walden

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  • Pass Guarantee: Benefit from our pass guarantee, giving you the confidence and assurance that you will be well-prepared to succeed in your exams.
  • Focused Curriculum: A six-week course crafted by NP experts to guide you through each system with exam-relevant content. - EARN THE MOST CEUS HERE
  • Expert-Led Instruction: Access over 400 PowerPoints and lectures led by practicing nurse practitioners. Get your questions answered within 24 hours and dive deep into each topic.
  • Built-In Community: Join a supportive community of fellow students and NP instructors. Share insights, exchange tips, and navigate the journey together.
  • Office Hours: Attend weekly office hours with your NP instructor to clarify doubts and stay on track.
  • Weekly Content & Quizzes: Regularly updated content and quizzes to reinforce learning and identify improvement areas.
  • Clinical Workbook: Utilize our 400+ page clinical workbook with hands-on exercises to solidify key concepts.

What do our NP students say about us?

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Susan Byerly

The academy (aka crash course) provided me with a direct study guide and I studied all the right things. No wishy-washy waste of time "know-everything" chaos. I walked into my exam confident, excited, and ready to pass. Thank you team LWES for helping me succeed. #NPin5minutes.

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Jessica Hall



I used this service for FNP board prep and passed both ANCC and AANP exams first try!

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J. Kolb

Thank you for following your calling! Your tools of study were wonderful! I used the Bronze Max Bundle and Live Review. Thank you thank you! I passed AANP Last week! Your buzzwords are BOMB!

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Courtney Mcdonald

Great information she makes it easy to understand!

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Courtney Dorsett

I have 5 stars bc I passed first try. I took AANP. Used Bronze, crash course, Leik book, and hollier. Took my test 6 months after graduation and studied last 2-3 months concentrating on crash course within a week of test.

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Dawn Harris

Thank you Latrina Walden. I took your Bronze course, reviewed it several times, & daily listened to your lectures. I successfully passed my AANP exam on Saturday. Some of the questions I remembered from your course. I was like, Latrina mentioned that. I’m grateful to start a new chapter!

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Kelly Peck

This is such a lovely motivational course. 100% worth the money. Absolutely lovely class. I feel lucky it was available!

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amal ahmed

Professor Walden is such a great lecturer! I can honestly say I learned more from her than I did with 3 other popular reviews. I failed my first attempt, took Professor Walden’s Bronze Crash Course, and passed with flying colors! Thank you so much Professor Walden!

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About Latrina Walden

Top rated choice for NP students in Canada and the US

Are you a student preparing for your NP exam and looking for a comprehensive NP test prep course to help you succeed? Look no further. Our NP review courses are designed specifically for nurse practitioner students like you who are ready to move on to their next destiny. With our NP test prep programs, you’ll have access to extensive test questions, a robust test bank of material only on the NP board exam, and expert-led instruction to ensure you pass the AANP, ANCC, and AGNP exams with confidence. Join a supportive community and utilize our resources to enhance your learning experience and achieve your goals of passing the AANP, ANCC, AGNP, Acute or PMHNP NP board exams.

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Why did those NP students choose Latrina Walden Exam Solutions?

  • Comprehensive Content
  • Extensive Question Bank
  • On Going NP Career Support
  • Practice Exams

Best NP Exam Review Course

Comprehensive Content

Our NP review courses cover all the essential topics and content areas that you need to know for your exam. From clinical knowledge to  pharmacology, we've got you covered.

  • NP Live Review Courses
  • AANP/ANCC Practice Questions
  • PMHNP Review Courses
  • AG-ACNP Review Courses
  • Study Guides and More!
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Comprehensive Content

Empowering Your Success, One Question at a Time

Extensive Question Bank

  • Real-World Relevance: Questions cover a wide range of topics and scenarios you'll encounter on the exam.
  • Expertly Crafted: Developed by experienced nurse practitioners across various specialties including primary care, acute care, pediatrics, and mental health.
  • Emotional Insight: Our team understands the anxiety and pressure of exam preparation, and they've designed these questions to build your confidence and readiness.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Benefit from the knowledge and practical experiences of our diverse team, ensuring you're well-prepared for any question that comes your way.
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Extensive Question Bank

Guiding Your Success, Every Step of the Way

Expert Instructors

  • Your Allies in Success: They've walked the same journey, facing the same challenges and triumphs in becoming nurse practitioners.
  • Experienced and Empathetic: They understand the sleepless nights, intense study sessions, and exam day anxiety.
  • Diverse and Knowledgeable: Specializing in areas like primary care, acute care, pediatrics, and mental health, bringing practical knowledge and unique perspectives.
  • Dedicated to Your Success: Their firsthand experiences make them uniquely qualified to guide you with empathy and insight.
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Expert Instructors

Preparing You for Success, One Exam at a Time

Readiness Exam

We call them readiness exams. Not predictors or practice exams. Why? Because the goal is to gauge if you are ready, not to predict your ability, since we all know that such predictions are often incorrect. We just want to make sure that you have grasped the concept and are ready!

  • Realistic Simulation: Our exams mirror the actual board exams, giving you a genuine test experience.
  • Expertly Designed: Created by seasoned NPs from various specialties, including primary care, acute care, pediatrics, and mental health.
  • Insightful Feedback: Detailed explanations help you understand your mistakes and improve your knowledge.
  • Empathetic Approach: Our team understands your journey and is dedicated to helping you overcome your fears and succeed.
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Readiness Exam

Latrina Walden MHA, MSN, FNP-C, FNP-BC, PMHNP

Long before Latrina became an NP, she was Professor Walden — always passionate about teaching and giving to others, she founded Latrina Walden™ Exam Solutions. Her experiences and professional expertise from her years of practice — combined with her signature style, love of teaching and her study materials and methods — help guide you through your transition from being a Registered Nurse student to becoming an NP.

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