One-On-One with Latrina Walden - Ironman Triathlon Edition PT. 2

One-On-One with Latrina Walden - Ironman Triathlon Edition PT. 2

How did she do? Did she cross the finish line? What was it like?

Team LWES is back with PART 2 of Latrina’s Ironman Triathlon journey and this time we’re delivering a full documentary highlighting real-time footage and feedback from Latrina herself as she crosses the finish line.

Join us in celebrating her journey of nursing, motherhood, entrepreneurship, weight loss, and her triumph of completing the North Carolina 70.3 Half Ironman - the first of many more to come.

Latrina proudly crossed the finish line, completing:

  • 1.2 Miles of Swimming
  • 57.7 Miles of Biking
  • 13.1 Miles of Running
  • Plus the countless miles accomplished during training

As Latrina said, the way you do anything is in how you finish. Remember your “why” in your darkest of moments and push through and finish your goals strong - personal or professional. Latrina’s journey has been an inspiration to us all, and we hope this inspires you to pursue your health and fitness goals. Do the unexpected, be the impossible, and keep following your passions.

“We are finishing this race together. We have to be able to do that with each other’s support.”

PART 1 of Latrina’s Ironman Journey can be found here. Walkthrough her motivation and inspiration in this one-on-one candid interview, pre-Ironman.

Quick shout-out to all our partnerships:

  • Ice Shakers - As seen on Shark Tank, these water bottles were foundational in Latrina staying hydrated during training.
  • Use this link to get your Ice Shaker water bottle today!
  • Honey Stinger - These yummy snacks were so handy to have stashed away before or after a workout. Use the code FUELFORYOU30 when you’re ready to order.
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