The Academy

The Academy

Are you looking to take your NP Board Exams? Not sure if The Academy is a right fit for you? Let’s explore scenarios in which the Academy can help you succeed. There is no one-size-fits all, but rather different types of students and studiers with one common goal of passing their NP Board Exams, preferably on the first try.


Meet Justin:

“My wife and I graduated from our NP program and are looking to test as soon as possible. We planned to study the same material, but she learns and retains information so differently compared to me. I’m a conceptual learner so I need someone to walk me through all this clinical information from the beginning. I’m frustrated and need to pass this exam. Let me know what I should do.”

The Academy can help Justin study from the ground up. Instead of relying on review courses, we can help Justin review exam material from the start with a step-by-step study plan and weekly goals.  

Meet Tracy

“I suffer from severe test anxiety and I am struggling to pass boards. I have tested 4 times, AANP once and ANCC three times. I’m desperate to pass boards and I need all the help I can get. Please tell me what I am doing wrong?”

Tracy is a perfect example of someone who would benefit from live, personal feedback from a professor. With the Academy, Tracey will have access to review her exam scorecards with Professor Walden for personalized feedback on how to improve and what to study. This also includes weekly touch-points and quizzes.

Meet Nicole:

“I took the ANCC exam twice in 2020. The first time I took it right after graduation but did not use a review to study because I thought I was prepared. I thought school would be enough, but I was wrong. The second time around I studied practice questions for three months but still failed. I need someone to connect the dots for me - can you please assist me with how to pass the ANCC exam?”

Sometimes we don’t always know what the missing links are when it comes to studying for exams. The Academy can help Nicole by utilizing a variety of physical tools instead of simply relying on one form of studying. This includes PowerPoint slides, our Clinical Outline Book, and comprehensive quizzes and handouts to test your knowledge and key points. 

Meet Rachel:

“I’m a single mom and have not been able to take boards yet. I graduated in 2016 but have not had the time to prepare for the exam. It’s been over five years since I graduated and forgot everything I learned in school. I need an in-depth review that will prepare me for boards. I want to pass on my first attempt.”

The Academy is specifically designed for alumni students who were never able to complete their NP journey. Using this course, we reteach all material you normally would have covered in school + how to apply the knowledge to your exam. The greatest asset that Rachel has at her disposal is the ability to ask questions in real-time like in a classroom setting and receive feedback from an expert NP.

Meet Zach:

“I plan to test this year! Testing sites were closed due to COVID in 2020 and I just never got around to sitting for boards. I was working the floor while trying to study and life just continued happening so I never got back around to studying. I don’t have time to research study plans and other ways to pass this exam, so I need a program that’ll give me everything I need to make it plain and simple for me, please!”

Life happens, and we get it. The Academy provides a guaranteed success for boards and that’s the support someone like Zach needs. We provide all the resources you need to succeed, including a step-by-step study plan, unlike our competitors. 

So what do all of these students have in common? Despite their background, age, and school, they’re looking for an in-depth course to help them study from the ground up. Life happens and we understand it is not easy to prepare for such strenuous exams. 

The biggest *flex* The Academy has on any other review course the ability to meet one-on-one with an instructor like a real classroom environment. For $697, students learn in real-time, and can ask questions in real-time and expect feedback from a real person to help them learn. In this scenario, the instructor is Professor Walden herself. She takes the guesswork out, and provides all the resources you could need to succeed with a guaranteed exam pass rate using her proven teaching methods and techniques. 




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