Top 5 Reasons Why Nurse Practitioners Should Join The NP Collective

Top 5 Reasons Why Nurse Practitioners Should Join The NP Collective

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In your nursing journey, you were taught at an early age the steps needed to become a nurse practitioner. Between schooling and passing the necessary exams, to finally obtaining your nursing license, the journey can be long and tedious, but rewarding. But what happens after? 

Excelling as a nurse practitioner goes far beyond your nursing license. This is why we created The NP Collective, a community of aspiring and currently practicing NPs that foster long-lasting friendships, mentorships, and networking opportunities to help you take your career to the next level. This exclusive group was created by NPs for NPs, and here are our Top 5 reasons why this collective is the right space for you. 

Monthly Mentorship & Networking

One of the best ways to excel in your nursing career is to learn from expert and industry leaders. Our collective is composed of all levels of nurse practitioners across the globe, giving you the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with industry experts to help guide you through any questions or concerns you may have. This includes, but is not limited to, guidance on resumes, interview preparation, potential job opportunities, and financing help. This is a space for you to ask all your questions. Professor Walden and our guest speakers gather with members multiple times a month to provide information that’s necessary to you excelling in your career. Our number one goal from The NP Collective is to help transition the novice NP into the expert NP, and the expert NP into an industry leader. Through mentorship, networking opportunities and newly found friendships, we can help make that happen.

Get Access to Resource Materials and Clinical Education

In addition to networking, members of The NP Collective receive countless opportunities to deepen their medical knowledge with our monthly case studies, quizzes, and other tangible resources. For example, our collective dedicated an entire folder to Cardiovascular Health that includes information about Oral Antihypertensive Drugs. In these folders, which get posted to your online portal, members can look forward to thorough informational handouts and all materials needed to comprehend the information being presented. A few other examples include a live webinar on Diabetes with an expert nurse practitioner and Investing discussions, both followed by an open floor to allow members to ask questions about either topic real-time.

Learn from Industry Experts

While staying up-to-date on the latest news and trends is important, so are other components outside the medical space. For example, earlier this year The NP Collective hosted several live events with industry leaders spanning across HR, Finance, and Branding. Each of these events were catered towards how you can use tools in each of these respective areas to build the best NP version of yourself. Participation in these events will earn members CEUs, which are posted on their dashboard monthly. Some resources that members gained from these live sessions included how to leverage the IRS calculator, establishing your brand when interviewing, and what questions to ask HR to determine if a company is a good fit for you. These are just a few, you’ll have to join to see the rest!

CEU Credits

As previously mentioned, all our webinars, case studies, binder drops, and live events are eligible for CEU credit upon completion. This is one of the biggest benefits of The NP Collective, as this exclusive group gives you many opportunities to receive CEU credits, while doing fun activities that build relationships and harden skills. And that’s not even the best part - chances are that you have unused, negotiated CME money in your contract. Because of the consistent opportunities to gain CEUs, your CME money can pay for your membership!  

Exclusive Facebook Community Led by Latrina Walden

If you’ve read up until now, you might be wondering, where does The NP Collective communicate? All members of the collective will receive access to join our private Facebook Community, led and moderated by Latrina herself. This Facebook group is where all collective updates are shared, live streams, and links to resource materials. The private Facebook group is meant to be a centralized hub for all communication, and a safe space where members can ask questions, share advice, present NP opportunities, and foster intellectual discussions on topics being covered. Members are required to go through a verification process to prove they are who they say they are, so trust us when we say your safety is of the utmost importance. 



To summarize, The NP Collective is a professional group of NPs that make our industry stronger with the necessary knowledge and tools in a forever changing healthcare industry. As a collective, we enjoy networking opportunities with professionals and peers across the globe, mentorship, clinical education, and the skills to curate collaboration with doctors & colleagues.

The NP Collective is currently CLOSED. If you are a nurse practitioner interested in joining this collective, please visit our page to explore our array of benefits. This exclusive group is a monthly membership of $139 that includes all of the listed benefits above. Let us help you transition from novice NP into the expert NP, and the expert NP into an industry leader.

***Friendly reminder that The NP Collective is only eligible for those with an active RN or NP license number to ensure the safety of our members. If you are currently a student looking to become a nurse practitioner, visit our blog post, How We Can Help You Pass to determine which nursing exam is the right fit for you. We look forward to seeing you join our community.

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