Your Trusted NP Partner

Your Trusted NP Partner

Welcome to Latrina Walden™ Exam Solutions, your one-stop shop for all Nurse Practitioner needs.

So, on Wednesday, September 1st we're celebrating our 3 year anniversary - how exciting! We've come such a long way from where we've started, so we thought we would take a moment and explain who we are for those just joining the party.

We are your trusted study buddy and test prep resource if you’re looking to pass the AANP, ANCC, or AGNP to start your nurse practitioner career.



Founded in 2018 by nurse practitioner Latrina Walden, we are a community of aspiring and currently practicing nurse practitioners on a mission to provide a safe community of educational resources that will curate the best nurses, and in result, the best patient care our healthcare system has to offer.

But it doesn’t just stop at test-prep materials! Latrina Walden™ Exam Solutions is also an online community of nurses helping nurses, where students can ask questions, get career advice, and get feedback from Latrina herself in one of our many Facebook Study Groups. Let's face it, this is probably how you found us! A friend or colleague told you they utilized our program to pass their NP Board Exam so boom - you're now here reading this blog.

Now let’s get down to the facts.

We put together our signature Nurse Practitioner Bridge Formula, specially curated methods designed to help you successfully master certified nurse practitioner exams. We like to have fun here so if you're looking for a tutor to read lectures in a boring, monotone voice - this is not the review for you. And that's okay!

We believe in engaging, supportive, and informative review material that will not only prepare you for your NP Board Exam but for a long and successful NP Career.

98% of our students have a board exam pass rate using our Live Clinical Reviews.

97% of our students have a board exam pass rate using our on-demand courses and study materials.

We have over 16,000+ enrollments in our course reviews with continuing support from current and past students.

But wait, there’s more! Latrina Walden™ Exam Solutions is certified by the Californa Board of Nursing which means we are an accredited company that provides students, recent graduates and currently practicing NPs CEUs! So whether you didn't pass your exam on your first try and need CEUs to retest, or maybe you need to renew your certification - we can take care of that for you.



We also introduced The NP Collective, a nurse practitioner-led community designed to help transition the novice NP into the expert NP, and the expert NP into an industry leader. The NP Collective is a private membership group that opens enrollment throughout the year. We have CEUs, guest speakers, clinical review and mentorship from Professor Walden herself. Like we said, we are the one stop shop for all your Nurse Practitioner needs.

Becoming an NP is an important step in your career. Let us help you pass the AANP, ANCC, AGNP and become an #NPin5minutes.



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