NP Board Exams How Do I Study For My Test?

NP Board Exams How Do I Study For My Test?

At LWES, we’re all about providing resources for learners, test-takers, and especially those working towards pursuing their nurse practitioner license. So we’re back with another blog with juicy tips on how you can study for your NP board exams with effectiveness and efficiency. 

Let’s get into it. 

Develop a Concrete NP Board Exam Study Plan

While this might sound like cliché advice, evidence backed by science suggests that concrete study plans, optimized for your learning style, can help you learn and retain information making studying a breeze. 

So what’s your learning style? Finding this is the first step at building a concrete study plan. Check out this blog on how you can find yours to utilize resources that accompany that style. Once you find your learning style, develop a routine that fits your study style and habits.

Reprioritizing your schedule and commitments may be another tool to help you develop your study plan. This helps you give yourself enough time to study, without rushing or cramming. Take regular breaks in between your study sessions, as this is especially important for your brain to regain it’s center. Research suggests that long hours of studying makes long-term retention of knowledge almost impossible.  

Build a Step-by-Step NP Board Exam Strategy 

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when studying. That’s why we suggest creating a step-by-step plan to help you build and retain information. When you start your initial studying, take a moment to identify what areas you’re getting stuck in. Are you someone who needs to take notes while reading? Maybe make flashcards? Or what about highlighting specific key topics in your book? 

Identify what tools you can use to make reading and understanding information easier. Your main focus should be understanding the overall topics covered in each section. From there, narrow your studying to buzzwords that you can later associate back with specific topics. To make sure you are truly understanding what you’re reading, take notes that you can continuously review. Over time your level of understanding will improve with practice. 

Select Your NP Board Exam Review Courses Carefully

Sometimes the best study tools are the ones you purchase from test-prep companies like us! Just as continuously studying for long hours hurt our overall retention, so does utilizing too many test prep companies all at once. Be weary of too many cooks in the kitchen. This is not to be confused with actual review resources. If a company provides a course, test bank, live review, flashcards, etc., feel free to use what tools are best for your learning. However, there should be no more than 2 different review tutors at your disposal. 

If you are stuck between choosing the right test-prep products, make a quick pro/con list and visually see which offers you the best bang for your buck. Are there any on-demand courses you can utilize? Or maybe a live review that offers individualized attention and feedback. We strongly suggest you match these test-prep resources with your personal learning style to ensure each resource you use is catered towards your needs. This is how you’ll be set up for success! 

We hope this blog provides you with helpful practices you can integrate into your study routine. Remember that there is no right or wrong answer, but the balance is all about finding the right tools and products that set you up for success and offer you a personalized study experience. 

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