Passing your NP Board Exams: What Kind of Studier Am I?

When studying for your NP Board Exams, you may notice that your colleague can sit and read through a whole textbook but you get stuck on page 5, ready to call it quits. Ever wondered why? Because we’re all different. I should be of no surprise that we all learn and retain information differently when compared to our peers.

We’re here to bring you an alternative way of preparing for your NP Board Exam, you can study in the most efficient way to help what you study stick. Using the following guide, we encourage you to identify which of four core learning styles best suits your studying habits, and discover how LWES test-prep resources can be suited to your learning needs. This may be information you already know, but we’re here to confirm and solidify tangible ways to help you pass any and all exams moving forward.

Let's get started.

Oh, and there’s also a surprise at the end of this blog!

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1. Visual

If you are a visual learner, you internalize information best when it’s presented through some sort of visual aid. This isn’t limited to photos or videos, but can include arrows, charts, and diagrams! In real world situations, you might not be able to remember exact directions like names of streets or highways, but you can pinpoint landmarks and other important visual setting details. So when studying, you might retain information best through powerpoint presentations, a textbook with lots of pictures that visually display material, or flashcards.

Did someone say powerpoints? When preparing for your NP Board Exams, LWES test prep resources that will enhance your visual learning style include the following:

We have curated our powerpoint lectures to include voice-overs, so you have the choice to go through these vibrant, colorful slides at your own pace or with a voiceover lecture with Professor Walden. She adds in a little spice to keep things interesting so we would definitely suggest leveraging the voiceover option.

2. Auditory

If you fall into the category of an auditory learner, you are most successful when they are given the opportunity to hear information presented to you vocally. This can mean group activities where you are asked to discuss course materials vocally with your classmates, or read written work aloud to themselves.

In real world situations, you might enjoy listening to an audible book over going through the physical book, or listening to animated voice texts instead of reading your friend's long text message explaining their failed date.

When studying, all LWES products test-prep products excluding the Practice Question Test Bank and the Outline Books come with voice-over audio lectures presented by Professor Walden. These reviews are great to have to play in the background while you’re driving, cooking, or working out. Many testimonials from Alumni have included hearing their children repeat clinical information, as they would play the lectures around the clock. Mini-providers in the making!

3. Reading

If reading is your preferred method of learning, it’s suggested that you love written information presented in the form of handouts, powerpoint presentations, and online research as many information-rich sources on the internet are relatively text-heavy.

To make new information stick, it might be helpful to take lots of notes during lectures to review later. Unlike visual learners, you are the passenger seat co-pilot who remembers streets names for navigating purposes.

All LWES test-prep resources are great for those who retain information through reading! We include transcripts for all our audio videos, voiceovers, handouts, and outline books to take all the notes your heart desires. Passing your NP Board Exam has never looked easier.

4. Tactile

Tactile learners are hands-on, participatory learners need to take a physically active role in the learning process. Rather than simply utilizing touch, as a tactile learner you often engage all of your senses equally in the process of learning. “Put me in coach!”

Remember when we learned about atoms by combining Elmer’s glue, water, food dye and glitter? Learning about how elements combine is one thing, but to feel it mold between your hands took things to a new level for you.

Because a tactile learner is looking for ways to get all the senses engaged, the Practice Question Test Bank is a suggested tool to enhance studying as the mouse-clicking, reading and visuals provide the multiple stimulations you need to feel engaged. Learners like you are also the main reason we created our Outline Books! Take notes with your favorite pen, highlight all the things, and stay engaged while preparing for your NP Board Exam.

Sneak Peak

Now that you’ve gained more insight into how to enhance your learning abilities, we wanted to give you a sneak peak into what we’ve been working on this past year.

*Drumroll Please*

We are ready to reintroduce Live Clinical Review Webinars with Professor Walden!

In previous classes, we were receiving amazing feedback that could skyrocket a 10/10 clinical review through the roof. Well, we need time to implement new changes which is why we switched to a recording option.

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a 2-day webinar review unlike any other! We’ve kept all learners in mind as we curated this review experience. Learners can look forward to:

  • Downloadable experience manual to take notes
  • Rapid fire questions and discussion covering EVERYTHING NP Board Exam related
  • Community to learn together with
  • Thorough prep for AANP, ANCC and AGNP exams
  • Open forum to ask ALL your questions
  • Discounts for group registrations
  • Affordably priced and payment plan options
  • A 1x repeat course for FREE if you fail

Pre-registration is open now, so stay tuned for more information because Class is Back in Session!

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