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A comprehensive study review detailed in covering clinical topics and content areas required for the AANP exam, organized in a clear and concise manner for effective study. Includes a pharmacology presentation to take the nerves away!

  • 45 CEU certificate
  • Both courses in the bundle need to be completed at 100% to receive CEU certificate

Asynchronous learning.

  1. 500+ In-depth System PowerPoints review series
  2. All Recorded Lectures for on the go study 
  3. 2-week study guide 
  4. Pharmacology Course
  5. Flashcards - including Pharmacology
  6. Quick quizzes
  7. Body system study guides 
  8. CDC Checklists
  9. Hepatitis B Documents 
  10. JNC 8 hypertension guidelines 
  1. Immediate access to bundle right after purchase.
  2. Monthly subscription 

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At LWES, we're all about fostering a vibrant community where NP professionals like you thrive! Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting your journey, we've got the perfect space for you to connect, learn, and grow.

Still Questions?

  • Can the body system powerpoints be printed out?

    We do not allow our powerpoints to be downloaded or printed due to copyright issues which is why we offer the clinical outline workbook.

  • Are CEUs included?

    Yes, both courses in this bundle need to be completed to receive a certificate worth 45 CEUs.

  • How long will I have access to the material?

    It’s based on a monthly subscription so as long as your subscription is active, you’ll have access.

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