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This bundle is designed to provide a structured and thorough preparation pathway when it comes to non-clinical and clinical information, ensuring that students are well-equipped to achieve a passing score on their ANCC exam.

  • 70 CEU certificate
  • All courses need to be completed before receiving a certificate (one of the ANCC power points. Not both with and without voiceover power points, only one)

Asynchronous learning.

  • 500 +In-depth System PowerPoints review series
  • ANCC specific information is found here only
  • ANCC power points w/ voiceover 
  • ANCC power points w/o voiceover 
  • 2-week study guide 
  • Pharmacology Presentation
  • Flashcards
  • Quick quizzes
  • Body system study guides 
  • CDC Checklists
  • Hepatitis B Documents 
  • JNC 8 hypertension guidelines 
  • Recorded Lectures
  1. Immediate access to bundle right after purchase.
  2. Monthly subscription 
  3. Clinical and non-clinical information included in this bundle.

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Still Questions?

  • Are CEUs included?

    Yes, 70 CEUs are included.

  • Does this bundle include clinical material?

    Yes, this bundle includes the clinical crash course along with the body system powerpoints.

  • Does this bundle include a workbook?

    No, it does not but we do offer the workbook bundle which includes the non-clinical workbook and clinical workbook.

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