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Outline Book Bundle

Outline Book Bundle

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These workbooks will ONLY be beneficial to those of you who have access to the Complete ANCC Test Prep Study Bundle (Formerly the Ultimate Max Bundle) or the Complete AANP Test Prep Study Bundle (Formerly the Bronze Max Bundle)! All of the answers can be found in the power points available in the ANCC PowerPoints and System PowerPoints Sections of the course work.

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Outline Book Bundle


Save $20 by purchasing the Clinical and ANCC Outline Books together. Our PowerPoints are not downloadable, so avoid the hassle - have all your notes in one place from the Ultimate Max Bundle!

Follow along with these engaging outlines that frame and organize clinical information critical for passing boards


Who Is This For?

Tactile learners, this book was designed for you! Stay engaged through the ANCC PowerPoint lectures by following along our specially curated fill-in-the-blank outline book.

This workbook will only be beneficial to those enrolled in the Ultimate Max Bundle and have access to the System PowerPoints and ANCC Slide Review courses.


Important Information

  • All answers found in the ANCC Slide Review PowerPoints and System PowerPoints
  • Upon ordering, expect expedited shipping through UPS with tracking information
  • Dimensions – Paperback, 8” x 11”, 234 pages, publication date February 2021
  • All sales final, no refunds will be issued