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Tammy Pesaresi

“After the exam, I texted my oldest son, Joshuah: ‘I passed.’ He said, ‘Mom, of course, you did. I’ve watched you study for this test for months. You listened to Latrina’s lectures probably 10 times each..."

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LaKeisha Turner

LaKeisha’s dream has always been to help patients on a bigger level. She wanted to be a nurse practitioner in South Carolina. But ahead of her board exam, she was getting nervous...

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Fiji Simmons

Fiji Simmons was only 13-years-old when her father became sick.
"...What we didn’t know was that the things he was asking for were killing him”

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How do you prove that your alumni have benefitted from your mentorship and training? Luckily for LWES, we curate an engaging, supportive, and successful alumni network, so the testimonials and accounts of success are always easy to find.

Check out the heartfelt review our alumni Taylor left for us! She took the Bronze Clinical Crash Course, Practice Question Test Bank, and Recorded Online Live Session with Professor Walden.

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I was a nervous wreck, did not know what to study, took notes on everything and felt lost before boards. I found Latrina and cannot thank her enough for her knowledge... Thank you latrina for giving me that!!"

- A. Parks

“I took Latrina's course and I attribute my passing of the board exam to this amazing woman! She breaks it down to make it super easy to remember multiple facts. I have recommended this course to many people... THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with so many!"

- J. Robinson Danahy

“I went to UAH post graduate for the FNP certificate. I had formerly taken Barkley. Latrina Walden made the last few years of school make sense! Passed boards and I know she helped me! I did her live Review in a Sunday as well as the crash course. She is amazing!! Thank you!”

- G. Morgan Letson

“I passed thanks to Professor Walden! Throughout the exam I looked for the BUZZ words she talked about in her live course and her bronze crash course! I also wrote in my scratch paper NP in 5 minutes to feel Professor Walden was with me throughout my exam pumping me up!”

- K. West

“I passed!!! Thank you Professor Walden... Oh, and I wrote DNP and NP in five minutes on my scratch sheet. This program works well. I ordered the bronze max bundle after I had already purchased the bronze crash course just to reinforce learning. I was able breakdown the disease process to correctly answer the questions with confidence. Again thank you...”

- J. Snodgrass

I graduated back in July 2020 but due to the unexpected events of life, I had to postpone my test date twice. I was so discouraged since I kept hearing that the longer I waited to test, the more I would forget. However, I had heard great things about the Bronze Crash Course from my colleagues and decided to incorporate it into my study plan. It was truly everything I needed... Thank you soo much Latrina Walden!

- D. Black-Smith

Hello everyone. I would like to say that Latrina Walden is the best prep course you can take before taking your board. You get the best bang for you bucks. I used her Bronze MAX bundle and I recently took her like review.I put in the work to make sure I knew that content. I saw buzz words all over my exam!!! All the content I studied was on the boards for sure. So glad to have now entered to the profession as Family Nurse Practitioner.

- A. Sesay

As I was preparing to sit for my certification exam, I panicked and ordered three different review courses. I spent a small fortune! After completing Latrina's Bronze Max Bundle, I realized that it was all I needed to be successful. She covered all the bases and made the review an awesome way to refresh my knowledge. I passed my AANP yesterday! Thank you Latrina Walden!!

- D. Nicole Doyle

This review is exactly what you need in order to pass the exam! The buzzwords are the key to remembering a boat load of information. The information given was seen on the exam at least 70% of the exam. My confidence was low after taking predators but this really was all that I needed to pass. #NPin5minutes

- S. Fish

Thank you for following your calling! Your tools of study were wonderful! I used the Bronze Max Bundle and Live Review. Thank you thank you! I passed AANP Last week! Your buzzwords are BOMB!

- J. Kolb

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